• Road Mender

    The Roadmender is a purpose built mobile asphalt plant which produces up to 200kgs per 10 minute cycle of hot-mix asphalt for pot-hole patching and utility reinstatements in all-weather conditions.

The Roadmender is a purpose built mobile asphalt plant which produces up to 200kgs per 10 minute cycle of hot-mix asphalt for pot-hole patching and utility reinstatements in all-weather conditions.

Directly at the job site
In just the quantity required

At the correct on site temperature for ideal compaction every time
Without the need to visit an asphalt plant (Reduces Carbon Footprint by recycling break-out)

Small volume patching jobs are becoming too expensive for anyone to want to deal with. For example, jobs that only require say 3-12 square meters (think car parks and drives at schools, shopping centres, air ports, stadiums, golf clubs, hospitals, health clubs, pubs, hotels, etc)  are almost impossible to quote for at an affordable price.

This is because, most small contractors require a minimum call out value to allow them to, measure up the job, order the asphalt, collect it and come and do the work before the product goes cold.
As such, the only solution for customers is to leave their pot holes while they deteriorate and become more expensive to fix causing danger and looking bad. (This is like ignoring a filling that needs doing and ending up with a root canal that’s significantly more expensive)

The Roadmender system is immune to these problems: simply show up, fix the patches with no waste and move on to the next job.
No site visit to spec the job, no travelling to and waiting at the asphalt plant to pick up mix, no time limit on how fast to use the product and no waste.

Commercial Benefits
Waste - The Roadmender system saves ~30% wasted asphalt that is normally required to keep the rest of the asphalt hot and then has to be thrown away at the end of the day.
Minimum order sizes - No minimum order sizes as required by hot mix plants.
Wasted time - Many smaller gangs have to be at the hot mix plant by 6am before the large road jobs start collecting. If the customer is not ready until 8 or 9am, the gangs are only left with a maximum of 3 hours to complete the job before the mix goes cold. They could waste further time going back to collect more asphalt, but having started at 5.30am or earlier, this is rare.
Recycling - With the Roadmender, the binder course required as a base layer in deeper pot holes can be produced by simply using the Roadmender to heat and mix the asphalt broken out of the pot hole.
Capacity/Sustainability - In addition to being highly desirable in terms of sustainability, this also allows our gangs to cover more sq meters with fewer materials on board.
Time efficiency - Roadmender gangs save ~2.5 hours not having to travel to an asphalt plant and wait in line to collect the required type of hot-mix asphalt. They also gain up to another 2 hours at the end of the day when regular gangs’ asphalt no longer has the temperature required for proper laying compaction.
Efficiency savings - One hour of real patching is worth about €--- of billing, so every hour gained has a radical effect on a gang’s profitability and goes straight to the bottom line.
Night repairs - By making asphalt on site, patching can easily be done at night when it’s more convenient for some customers. This allows them to save revenue and pay more. (Think station and golf club car parks that are full most of the day.)
It also means that an emergency pot hole which appears at night can be fixed with a permanent first time repair, rather than having to be dug out and re-patched when hot-mix asphalt is available.
Weekends - The system also delivers further cost savings on weekends when many asphalt plants are closed and charge a large premium for small quantities of asphalt out of hours. (This is especially relevant to road crossing for utility companies, bus lanes, or any other assets that are too busy to close during the week.)

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