• Kerbing

    Askeaton Paving have a full range of kerbs, garden edging and water channels suitable for both heavy and light duty applications.

Complementary Kerbs
Askeaton Paving have a full range of kerbs, garden edging and water channels suitable for both heavy and light duty applications.

Choose from our wide range of decorative and edging products to add the finishing touch to any of our ranges of paving blocks or flags.

Edges can be softened by planting close to the path verge and allowing the planting to flow naturally over the edges onto the pavement.

Paving blocks can be haunched underneath in concrete, allowing grass or planting to grow up to the paving edge.

Celtic Kerb
Celtic Kerb is immediately distinctive with its aged, weathered appearance and is available in two colours, Bracken and Natural.


Garden Edging
Garden Edges are an effective edging for paths and patios and are available in either Splayed, Flat Top or Round Top.

Rope Top Edging and Corner Piece
Rope Top Edging is ideally suited for paths and patios. The period character of Rope Edging has its own unique appeal and will enhance any garden path.

Scalloped Edging
Scalloped Edging is available in terracotta and is an alternative to the Rope Top Edging or standard Garden Edging.

Ryedale Edging
Ryedale Edging has a traditional appeal and is ideally suited for paths and patios. It is the perfect complementary edging for Old Court Flags. It is currently available in Harvest Gold.

Half Batter
Kerbs are available in a traditional half batter finish and are suitable for driveways or other heavy duty applications.

Dwarf Walling
Dwarf walling are used to retain a higher soil level than traditional concrete garden edge.

Country Kerb
Country Kerbs have an exposed granular surface, emulating the unique aged appearance of traditional granite kerbs, while maintaining the benefits of modern concrete kerbing. These are available in Granite and Standard finish.

Water Channels
Water Channels allow drainage from the driveway or patio.

Step Risers
Step risers are available in two sizes and four colours and are the ideal solution to create the edge of steps.

Decorative Edging
Kerbsett has been developed to meet the demands of Local Authorities, engineers and architects for a simple and flexible alternative to traditional concrete kerbs.

It is easily handled, allowing rapid oneman laying, whilst the small unit size allows radii as small as 1 metre to be achieved without special blocks. The unique design provides the opportunity for a variety of different uses. Kerbsett is the ideal solution wherever edgerestraints, channels, changes of surfaces or minor level differences are required.

Kerbsett Blocks
Kerbsett blocks are available as Standard or Crossover Blocks. Various Corner, Transition, Drop and End Blocks are also available. All blocks are available in the following colours: Bracken, Brindle, Charcoal, Chocolate, Golden, Heather, Natural and Red.

Laying Details
Kerbsett is laid on a concrete kerb-base and haunched as traditional kerbing. Either mortar bonding or close, dry joints may be used between blocks, at the specifier's discretion. However, with curves greater than 1 metre radius, special blocks are not required; standard blocks are laid with tapered joints and mortar bonding is recommended.

We cover all County Limerick, Cork & Kerry.


    • High quality at great value

    We never compromise on quality, we use the best materials and keep up to date with the latest construction methods.

    • Bespoke design

    Our designers work in close partnership with you to fully understand your requirements and gain real insight into the vision you have for your home and its exterior landscaping. When you’re 100% happy with your choice of layout and surface options, you’ll get detailed plans and drawings.

    • Absolute peace of mind

    We’re not finished until you are 100% satisfied. Our work and materials are fully guaranteed for ten years. We have a lot of happy clients and we feature a lot of them on this site, but take a look at the independent review sites to see for yourself how we’re changing the reputation of our industry – one new driveway at a time.


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